The renowned scientist Dr. Sulken has been murdered!  
PE associates have been after his work for years and are clearly responsible for his death.
Dr. Sulken had been working on a mutation that if used by the wrong person could kill millions of people.  
Now it is up to you to stop the Doctor's experiments from getting into the wrong hands! 


The world has spun into chaos!
Marshal law has taken effect and keeping yourself and your closest allies alive is of the utmost importance. 
Your group's camp was attacked and you are forced to wander into the unknown. 
You have finally came across an abandoned bunker. 
Restore the power fully and see if you have what it takes to survive in the apocalypse!


You are a Patient at the Grand River Asylum and you have awoke in a daze.
The only thing you remember is trying to escape once before.
The Dr. is away and you know the next treatment will wipe any vague memories you still have! Find out who you are and escape the hospital before it is too late.